Vasai Fort – A Bygone Legend

Mumbai has been the principal island on the Konkan belt known for its strategic location and the history of commercialization. To safeguard the city and its surrounding areas from invaders, many forts were built along the years surviving several eras and kings who ruled back then. One such fort of significance which still stands tall is the Vasai Fort, also known as the Bassein Fort located in Vasai village, near Mumbai. Today, this fort is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India and holds national importance.

The Vasai Fort overlooks the Ulhas river and is one of the iconic places to visit in Mumbai. The quaint village of Vasai was first visited by the Portuguese in 1509 and was known as a ship building hub. Historians state that the Bassein Fort (as the Portuguese called it) was first built by Bahadur S

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Sinful Monsoon Treats

After several months of scorching heat, Mumbai eagerly awaits for the arrival monsoon. This is the time that gives us relief from hard hitting summer. As soon as the monsoon arrives in Mumbai, we are truly blessed with the showers relieving them from the sweltering heatwave. Even though blessed by the rainfall, indulging in delicious sinful monsoon snacks & a cup of tea or chai is joyful for us every monsoon season which is quite unexplainable. Here are some sinful monsoon treats that each one of us would crave for in this heavenly weather!


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25 Must Eat – Yummy Treats in Mumbai

The vibrant city of Mumbai offers a delight for foodies with its mélange of cuisines and cultures! A foodie in Mumbai is simply spoilt for choice with 5-star restaurants serving gourmet food to local street snacks, one can gorge over quaint cafe foods and have fine dine evenings. Exotic cuisine from all over to world is equally appreciated as migrant food from various parts of the country! From traditional meals to snacks created and found only in Mumbai, this city has delicacies one must try in a lifetime. Here is a yummy list of must-eats in Mumbai to get your taste buds tickling –

1.Vada Pav outside Kirti College 

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Mumbai’s winter guests Flamingoes

Mumbai get to have a rare sight each year when a sea of pink marvels the eyes of onlookers at Sewri. The wetlands in the Sewri-Mahul area witness the beauty of migrating flamingoes around February-march each year. Although, with the construction of the proposed coastal road – the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link connecting Sewri with Uran in Navi Mumbai, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHP) claims to see a downfall in the number of visitors this year. For the pas

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India Grape Harvest Festival

The vibrant city of Nashik proudly exports various types of wines not only in other parts of India but all around the world. The wine capital is ready to add another feather to its cap while presenting the India Grape Harvest Festival in the month of March 2017. Branding Nashik to a whole new level, this month-long extravagant festival is to be held from March 1, 2017.

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Kaleidoscopic Hong Kong A City That Defies Description

How does one describe Hong Kong? Comprising of a mere 1,104 km², Hong Kong is so many things – one of the major financial hubs of Asia, a shoppers’ delight, a meeting point of various cultures, and a city steeped in history. Known across the decades as a city where East Meets West, today, Hong Kong is recognized as Asia’s Global City, and one has to only spend a few days here to understand why this is so.

A many-faceted kaleidoscope, Hong Kong recommends itself to every kind of a traveler. Whether you are someone who likes to disconnect and relax on your holiday, or someone who likes to party hard, Hong Kong will appeal to you. Let us see what kind of holiday you are looking for, and is Hong Kong the destination for you!

Experience Multiculturalism
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2nd Forts Of Maharashtra Race

Organized by Sirius Sports, the 2nd Forts of Maharashtra Race is a sailing rally flagged off from the picturesque Gateway of India with the finish line at Murud-Janjira, 150 km away. The finish line of the race is at the iconic Murud-Janjira Fort which is situated on an oval rock off the Arabian Sea coast near the port town of Murud. The participants will be provided accommodation in Murud overnight and after attending a celebratory dinner/bbq and prize giving ceremony, will race back to Mumbai on the 29th of January.

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